The band that was destined to Make Them Believe


Music has always been a big part of my life, and my project is to show the ins and outs of what it is like being a music photographer in the competitive industry, as well as what it’s like to be the musician in a local scene trying to make it big. I’ve brought you their lives in and out of a normal musician’s life, including their performances, their promotion, their personal lives and their quirks.

I started photographing musicians in January 2017, starting at a small acoustic show in downtown Columbus, Ohio. I started to photograph the same band for the next few months and started meeting other bands. A few months after I started, I was offered a position working for a local publication and getting even more exposure in the industry, while also meeting other photographers and journalists in other publications. In my three years working for this publication, I wasn’t able to get personal with the bands I’ve met. This changed when my boss wanted to start coverage of a band named Atimera, a post-hardcore band based in Columbus, Ohio. I saw this band for the first time while taking my friend to see another show for his birthday. Atimera happened to be one of the opening bands. Two months later I was assigned to photograph one of their shows at The Basement. Unfortunately there was confusion with the people running the show and I was not allowed in with my camera. Mike Colletti — guitarist for Atimera — made sure I was able to get into their next show a month later. I was able to talk with both Mike and their other guitarist Justin Davis at the show and that’s when we decided to collaborate for this project. We’ve been working together for the past four months and I’ve never been as close and personal with a band like I have with Atimera.

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 Quil Seawright 


"To me, being in Atimera means passion, focus, doing something I love, having a kickass time doing it, and actually being able to reach for the stars with a real shot at getting there with people who want it just as bad"

Justin Davis


"Being able to make people smile and forget the world around them for just one second is the greatest perk. Music has been a huge factor in my journey and helping others through our music is quite a blessing. I get to do what I love and have a blast doing it"

Mike Colletti


"Atimera is my creative outlet that also allows me to continue my personal drive to be successful with my passions"

Josh Stroud


“Music is my outlet. I’m very passionate about playing drums. It’s a stress reliever that nothing else can match. And I like queso”

Greg Teasley

Bassist, Vocalist

"Atimera is a way to make my dreams of music a reality; to share the music we create with the world"

It's been a blast being able to work with these guys for the past four months on this project, I want to give a big thanks to them for letting me have them as the focus of this project and keeping up with everything I had going for my vision. Both the band and I are growing together and I'm happy to have made five new friends from this experience.


Atimera is working on new things for you all so make sure you check their social media pages for more coming soon!

Check out their music video for Am I Human!

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