As a photographer in a continually growing field, it can be difficult to be unique. My way of being unique is also by doing work not a lot of people may think of when they think of a photographer. I am a music photographer that creates photographs with energy and grunge. I focus on the performers during their live shows to show a more intimate and candid moment for them. Getting creative with the venues I travel to can be hard sometimes, but depending on the artist, they can give a different kind of performance than normal that makes the work more exciting. I experiment with light often, especially when it comes to creating colors, and getting shadows. However, when I am not able to use color, sharp black and white images are just as beautiful. It doesn’t matter to me if my work is color or black and white, I want to show energy, movement, and emotion. It is something I want to show in all of my other work as well including my portraits, weddings, and light paintings.